Ghosts of battle is a new [unit/cult/guild/clan] that is currently looking for everything & everyone.

(Someone who can write a better recruiting post)

We are not looking to pretend to be anything; we will not be portraying any real-world military unit.

Player squads will be kept generic as possible (sorry, but some titles are earned, not picked in a video game)

We do plan on running everything in HARD mode, ACE medical in advance, members going to have to know or learn how to read a map/land navigation.


  • No Ranks
  • (Staff who are the fools who got talked into working, and members)
  • No full-time roles,
  • (Each mission or op will require members to perform roles, but you’re not locked into that role and members can switch roles as the mission goes on, example the squad will need a medic, or someone to carry AT but this will be decided in the mission brief)
  • Training is optional
  • (If training is option how do we know the squad leader is not a moron, ok one exception Squad leaders will either need to have real life military experience in infantry or similar, prove that have the experience, or prove they have the Knowledge, if you need the knowledge well I love to train, just saying)
  • No mandatory attendance
      • (An exception would be if you have committed to other members to be there, exception to exception RL happens)
  • Weekly organized ops, with daily pug squads


  • NO Extended Map Content (Showing friendly units, enemy units and detected mines on the map. Learn to read.. a map)
  • NO Group Indicators (Showing indication icons on units in player’s group, no markers of any sort)
  • NO Friendly Name Tags (Only within a meter, sometimes you just have to know who you want to smack upside the head)
  • NO Enemy Name Tags hide (Enemy unit identification, the enemy called they would like their privacy back)
  • NO Detected Mines (Showing icons indicating exact positions of mines, find them the old fashion way, have someone walk in front of you)
  • NO Cross-hair (or 3rd person for that matter)
  • NO Automatic Reporting (disables automatic reporting of spotted enemies by players)