To provide simple and easy to understand general orders for all members to follow.


Common Comm - A teamspeak or chat room that is open to all members

Private Comm - A Teamspeak or chat room that is not open to the community as a whole, these rooms need to be locked or password protected.

Community - um, what you joined to be able to see this..

Drop Channel - Switch to a private radio channel

This is a Game

The goal is not to pretend to be in the military, but to provide an enjoyable experience to members while playing a game that is a military simulator.

So no saluting, no sir or ma'am, just a group of folks coming together to play a game in a cooperative and tactically proficient method


1. Never under any circumstances will a member of Ghosts of Battle team-kill to be malicious, (mercy killing if asked is ok).

2. Be considerate and respectful of your fellow players, regardless of their skill or choices

3. Be friendly and helpful. Each member's actions reflect on the Unit as a whole

4. No Drama (this included conversation about politics in the game or common coin, take those conversations with willing participants to a private comm)

5. Respect and have empathy for community members. (Treat others how you want them to treat you)

6. Limit the foul language,



In Game

1. Follow the leaders orders and cooperate with your squad.

2. Only Play roles you know how to perform, be honest about your skill level in that role

3. No killing of noncombatants

4. Support the Leader; DO not undermine the Leader's authority in mission (they volunteered to save criticisms for the AAR)

5. Be on Teamspeak

When leading

1. Train your squad; explain the tactics and game mechanics as you lead.

2. Protect your squad. 360-degree, three-dimensional security; and choose destinations wisely.

4. Look out for your squad; that they enjoy the experience.

5. Assign clear tasks and purposes to your squads.

6. Remember, if successful, it was the squad that was successful, if unsuccessful its the leader that failed.