No Ranks

Wait, What

Ghosts of Battle will have no ranks, only roles, so stay with me here


The idiots, sorry wonderful folks who got talked into working around here.

Short list or responsibilities.

- Assign teamspeak roles

- Scheduling of the OP's and trainings (staff are not expected to be trainers, just to admin the training for the trainer)

- HR, settle disputes, and enforce the Units Code of Conduct

- Staff will have the right to kick and ban for 24 hours on teamspeak,

Mission Makers

Everyone is welcome to make a mission, when it's ready getting a few volunteers to play test it on the training server, if the play tester approve of the mission then it will be added to the main server.


Squad leaders are not expected to know everything, but are expected to always look to improve their skills and seeing this is a game they are expected to make being in their squad an experienced members enjoy.

Basic requirements

- Can demonstrate leadership

- Can teach what they know

- Can read a map

- Can plan and execute Land Navigation

- Has an understanding of warfare


Can use ACE3 advance medical


A member who has demonstrated the ability to Teach, and is willing to answer questions.

How do you qualify for roles?

You Simply attending a training, or test for them,

Once you feel you can perform the role, volunteer to perform that role in the game, if you do well the squad leader will post you performed the role in the squad leader forum, after two different squad leader post you can do the role, it will be awarded.

How do you know who has what role?

If a member has a role you will be able to see it in their teamspeak roles