John Wayne 1/2023


Deployment date: Jan - Feb 2030

Ghosts of Battle is being deployed to Bala Murghab Region of Afghanistan to conduct a combination of Direct Action (DA) and Combating Terrorism (CBT) operations and other Special Activities.

The intent is to disrupt the trafficking of funds and technology between peer nations and from peer nations to other “” organizations. (EXPECT PEER CONTACT)

Engagement of Peer Nations forces is authorized, within the limits of operational success.

(Don’t start WW3)

Since the US departure Afghanistan has become a failed state with no central authority. Often forces under the same organization will fight among subunits. This situation has made it the perfect place for Peer nations to have clandestine meetings and transfers. No peer is providing any large quantity of support to the warring factions, but some may have a temporary allegiances.

Bala Murghab (commonly referred to as BMG) is located in northwestern Afghanistan, on the Murghab River and was considered a Taliban stronghold for the majority of the Afghan War (Operation Enduring Freedom). Consisting of a distinct river valley surrounded by lager rolling grass covered hills, the southern end of the valley is capped off by a formidable mountain range. The Murghab River is very deep in most places, and not passable by vehicles.



1. Size

  • Locals multiple factions exist, est force two battalions

  • Peer Elements are often deployed in Platoon to company strength

2. Capacity

  • Local Factions have armaments up to mechanized and armored forces

  • Peer forces will have armaments and technology similar to Ghosts of Battle

3. Mission

  • Conduct a combination of Direct Action (DA) and Combating Terrorism (CBT) operations and other Special Activities

4. Disposition

  • All encountered forces will be hostile


Civil considerations

Civilians are present and all efforts will be made to limit civilian casualties,

but do not expect civilians to be friendly.


Many left over military installations are scattered through the area, providing enemy forces exceptional cover, concealment, and observability.


Current conditions are unseasonably cold, with record snowfall and low temperatures.


  • Lows = 10-28

  • Highs = 28 to 38

  • Perception = Snow likely


Per commanders discretion

Signal and Support


  • 2x uh 60 black hawks

    • Rodeo 1–1

    • Rodeo 1-2

  • 1x ch 47

    • Jolly 1-1

  • 2x ah 6 little birds

    • Bird 1-1

    • Bird 1-2

  • 1x Medivac


CAS and Firesupport

  • 2x ah 64 apaches

                • Comanche 1-1

                • Comanche 1-2

  • 2x a 10 on stand by

                • Hog 1-1

                • Hog 1-2

  • 2x f22

                • Wasp 1-1

                • Wasp 1-2

  • 1x M119A2 battery (4 guns)

                • FOX