Time Line

Our little mucked up world

Future Combat, Predictions


  1. The use of Private Military Contractors will increase but will not be limited to the current world powers.

  2. Idealists, aka useful idiots, there will always be groups that have idea's and with proper investment they can even be useful.

  3. Why is the US not using more proxies and idealists? Recruiting, training, and fielding an army, is good business', MIC has got to get paid!


  1. In 2030 daily cyber attacks are also common place, and can be done from just about anywhere, thank you starlink.

  2. Disrupting the currency transfers to the PMC's, idealists, and groups means they now have to go old school and physically transfer items of value.

So What About

M5's & XM157's

If there was a decent mod that didn't have so many bugs we would have M5's or XM157's but for now just assume the supply chain sucks the same as it always has in the Army.

All the other future stuff

we are only jumping forward seven years, some times the cool things do not come along as quickly as one would like.