Mods & Loadout

Main Mods

Applying Keep it simple to mods.

We would like to keep the mod list as simple as possible but ARMA presents issues, for example if we kept it vanilla, and someone wants to be a sniper they most likely will need the marksman DLC.

So with the limits in mind we will try to keep the mod list from changing, and try to keep it under ~8gb

Current Mod Set....... 

Ok the Elephant in the formation:

Yes we said no DLC dependencies, BUT! 

There are two exceptions: (small ones)



Maps and Buildings

This is the part of the mod list that will change every few months, to only load what's needed for the current operations.

We are trying to avoid adding Cups Terrain 


Curranty the missions will be scripted, but theses addons are small, and its easier to build them in to the mod set now


Its unique and simple, We do not want to drift in to Barbie ARMA Life


SPS v2 Weapons, & Refer back the avoiding barbie Life statement above.

Quality of game / functions

Enhanced movement, Squad Radar, etc. etc. 

Whirly Birds

You will notice we curranty do not have a flight section, this is to focuses on the small units tactics, will we have one in the future, maybe, maybe not.

Client Side Optional

Sure as long as it does not effect the game play of others. (just ask)


There is some customization to ACE Advance Medical, (Trying to avoid medical halts, to keep the game moving)   

Main Mods

See discord for the current preset 

Allowed Client Mods

Just ask if there is a client side mod you would like to have added 

Current Used Maps

Maps are rotated in and out every month or so, see discord for the current preset