Unit Overview

Ghosts of battle will be trying our best to keep it simple (KISS) in all aspect of operation, with the exception of the difficulty level of the operations. The operations will be against skilled AI, often peer level AI.

We are also not trying to pretend to be any particular type of real world unit, how we approached a mission will be based on attendance and the skill set of those in attendance. 


Say we only have 8 in attendance for an op, how we approach the mission with be what someone call a SOF style (two teams of 4) , where if the attendance is around 24 it might be more of a infantry platoon method (two squads each with two team leaders)

Game Play Operation Start

This is very simple, we get in other server, get kit'ed, brief and step off all in 15 mins of the start time. If your late your late, and when there is time will will get to you but thoses who were on time come first.

Lets be honest who else is tired of showing up for a 2 hour op, that's only about an hour cause the first thirty to forty-five minutes was spent dicking off, wasting everyone's time, YEAH WE DON'T DO THAT 

We Don’t want to be or mean to be hard ass’s about this, but let's not waste the time of the people here to play a game with you.

Administration and Staffing

A big keep is simple here, we've seen allot of units fail just do there being to much extra work to be done, THIS IS A GAME not a 2nd or 3rd job. There will be no S shops or sections.

What we do instead of S shops:

S1, personnel,  Managed in the custom mod, and in Discord 

S2, for intelligence and security, The mission/OP maker will be responsible the complete package will done before we ever start the OP.

S3, for operations, See S2, 

S4, for logistics, buy your own beer

S5, for plans, Its cute you think there is a plan. 

S6, for signals, Use discord.

S7, for military education and training, Going to be honest I love training and the role of trainer, but folks don't listen,  (Depth Breath), but really hard to cram 16 or so weeks of basic and Infantry school in to an hour, this may make folks feel high speed but its a waist of time.

but.. but.. 

look the best thing you can do is play with your section, playing is the best training there is. 

S8, for finance and contracts. The Bills are Paid, servers are owned, and paid for, everything is paid for so no funding drives.

S9, for Civil-Military Co-operation (CIMIC) or civil affairs. LOL, wait some units have this

 ouch I think I hurt my self laughing 


Are suckers folks we entrust to help move things along here, SGT's and higher.


Our ranks are based on what ARMA provides,


Welcome to the Unit, Your an soldier, that's is for now



We trust you to show up and do your job, that's it no points no time in grade, no training.



You have all the knowledge of a leader and the skills, just not the extra time, 



Your one of the fools lovely folks that have talked in to working around here.



Your person that has talked in to owning theses Monkeys.


Squad/Section Overview

Simply twelve person squad is lead by a Capitan. (why cause ArmA gives only 3 enlisted ranks)

To THOSE that say that not how it works,

WELL I say to you, that our fiction could not give a (insert your favorite curse ) about what ever misinformed idea you have!

Squad/Section Tactics


Again we don't really do that , well expect sort of well,,,

We have no Basic, you can learn as we go OJT

But ( here are the butts)

A bit of Closing Wisdom