FAQ and Why's


Time Frame of Game Play

We are trying to explore future small unit operations in 2025-2035  ~ish  

What Kind of Missions ?

All of them, Missions for a particular map all may be similar but the goal is over a course of a few maps to run as many deferent types of missions as we can think of. And seeing the missions are not on rails, the same mission will be able to be approached  in many differing ways. 

To start out most mission swill be single squad/detachment is scale, we would want this to grow to multi squad/detachment style missions 

More About the Missions

We use Alive to provide a more ambient battle space, this also makes it more fun for the mission creators (they may know what the objective is but not where the enemy forces are).  Very rarely will the mission creator say how to accomplish the objects, only what and where (well some times where)  they are are how to go about completing the mission will be up to the in game leaders.

The only exception to this would be some missions types might require a set up, this will be rare and only use to break up the normal.

 (what's normal anyway)  

How Serious Is The Ynit

There is no saluting or calling any one sir or ma'am, but we aim to be on mission from the start of the OPP to the AAR, 

What does on mission mean

This means we take game play serious use proper tactics, use communications discipline, follow the orders of the operations leadership, and follow an ROE

When are the Op's

Thinking Saturdays 3 pm est / 5 pm pst

Can I be a Pilot

When we have a flight leader sure, 

Can I become an Officer or Leader

Again sure, but we are not going to hand you a butter bar day one, you need to prove yourself and gain the units trust

Can I be a Zeus

Again sure, but we are not going to have a dedicated slot, or special rank to be zeus, but if you  have the passion to make a mission (with in our guidelines) and want to run it we can make it happen

Ranks ?

We do use the in game rank system this is more to keep track of who does what see SOP/Ranks

Can You Add This Or That Mod

If there is a reasons to other than its cool sure, it needs to enhance the game experience for all players and just not who you want to pretend to be/play as.

There will be an exception for pilots and the helicopters that are in game, Hatchet maybe 

(Seriously BI only 8 seats in a ghosthawk, WHY?) 

Gear and Mod's

Is this set in stone, no its not, once there is a sizable community this will be reviewed ever so often to make sure what mods and how we play reflect the community's wants/needs, but we will always be true to the keep it simple principals. 


Data Center: New York City Metro

Processor: AMD Ryzen  9 7900

Memory: 128 GB DDR5

Drives/Raid: 2x 2TB NVMe, in raid 0

Port Speed: 1 Gbps Unmetered

Other notes:



We are trying to keep the mod list small, adding gigs of 1980's tanks are not really needed for our game play.

In addition to reducing the load on the server, the small mod list also allows folks to quickly update the mods when needed before an operation.

And no we do not need a bigger server, they do not get much bigger than the dedicated server we currently use. 

Why No KAT

KAT is the coolest thing ever if your the medic, if your not the medic you standing around wondering what the F&#* is taking the medic so long.

Why  417's

Why  No Basic or Other Trainings

Cause people do not learn any thing from 16 weeks of infantry school crammed in to an hour, If your new to the game show up 30 minutes early and someone will help you put your pants on (get kitted out) then the rest you can learn OJT

If you want to learn a skill ask and someone will set aside some one on one time to teach you how to do that skill (like medical, JFIRE, ect ect)